Workplace Nepotism: How to handle this with grace?

Nepotism is an expression that we always hear either for the political dynasties or for the showbiz industry in the subcontinent, where seasoned politicians’ and superstars’ next generations find an easy access to the politics or stardom. 

In this age, we also find this notion @Workplaces. Here too, everyone desires a fair, merit-based treatment by employers, which is not always the case however stressful or frustrating it may be.

In simple terms, Nepotism in context of workplace is a form of favoritism that includes recommending, hiring,  promoting and retaining relatives and/or friends over the real talent. The opinions of nepotism vary depending on the experience with it. If you have benefited from the practice you will probably favor it, and if you have experienced some of the disadvantages of it, you will feel negatively about the practice.

We, as humans, inherently trust people that are our family and that we consider friends, and establishing trust in the workplace environment is one of the crucial elements of doing business successfully.

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