Employees who always complain

In remote work environment, especially during the current pandemic, a small number of leaders think that their employees who underperform probably deserve more attention than the rest or those who lack enthusiasm are probably less engaged. This needs to attract managers’ serious attention as this category of employees who happen to remain restless and disengaged don’t only cause conflicts @Work and but adversely destroy the Employee Engagement Index (EEI) of the organisation.

A million-dollar question that managers must ask themselves why do these employees complain all the time just about anything and everything?  Be it their work from home (WFH) issues relating to working hours, project deadlines, internet connection, laptop, cellphone or any other business tools that are needed to stay connected with the office.

On the other hand, as a manager or a team lead, who comes to your mind when you think of a perfect employee? In most cases it only takes a second or two to answer this question as you very well know your high performers. Your best employees constantly impress you with their work and the positive impact they have on others. Great employees are hard to find and replaced with. So, please pay attention to them more than anything because they talk through their feet. They will leave you if you don’t value them.

In this article, we shall attempt to discuss who are these employees who complain and why they do it?

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