Who are ‘Pakaaoo’ Bosses and how to deal with them?

Published on June 8, 2020 by Muhammad Sajwani

If you are contemplating on repeatedly meeting shorter or very tight deadlines every other day, even when you work remotely or from home during  COVID 19 Pandemic, trust me you’re not alone. Some organisations live and work under the illusion that job market is currently not conducive from employees’ perspective, so, why not squeeze employees to get maximum output for literally no reason?

In our cultural context, such leaders are termed as ‘Constipated’ or ‘Pakaaoo’. Some of them belong to the older generation of the leaders who have either been brought up and trained in a certain manner or inspired by the colonial times and they pretend to act strict and work with longer faces all the time, but it’s not necessary, such creatures exist in the younger lot too and they could be as young as you are. 

2018 poll from job-search site Monster found as many as 76% of people say they currently have or recently had a toxic boss. Meanwhile, just 19% of respondents describe their boss as a mentor.

“Such bosses won’t just jeopardise your career growth — they’ll also adversely affect your personal life,” says Lynn Taylor, a national workplace expert, author, and leadership coach. “A good manager will bring out the best in you and have a more uplifting effect on all aspects of your life.”

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