We Become How We Speak

The renowned Persian poet Hafiz Shirazi said: “The words we speak become the house we live in”. Even though we learn to talk at a very young age, it takes us a lifetime to learn how to speak, what to say when and how to say it, with chances being that we may hardly learn to speak well at in some point in time in our lives. There is always scope for us to improve our communication skills and the way we speak, no matter how good we are and what position we hold in our individual careers. Communication is a vast field with great scope for improvement throughout our life that is if we do not quit trying. All we need is commitment and will to practice.

When we speak, our voice and tone are equally important as the words we choose. Rest assured that our communication style, reveals quite a lot about us to the listeners. Anyone paying attention to our voice and tone of speech can understand our emotional state, our level of confidence, the command we have over the language and also our geographical roots through the accent we may have acquired. We can be made or marred by what we say, so the way we speak is very important in our lives. We just can’t hide it.

Besides the message itself, the emotions that affect our voice, the tone, the pitch and confidence of the messenger are equally important to make it revolutionary, motivational or even understood rightly. Let’s understand the following elements carefully.

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