The Devil is in the detail – Habits That Set Detailed Oriented People Apart

Keeping an eye all on the little details of everything in life is neither beneficial nor humanly possible. That’s why in there is a lot of emphasis on delegation, empowerment and succession planning. At times, it is unbelievable to see many high-level professions getting into unnecessary detail. In management theory, it is termed as micro-management or transactional leadership

Can you think about someone you know whom you consider to be detail oriented. When you think about this person, do you feel impressed by their skills or intellect? Or perhaps you feel annoyed by their perfectionism. Or are you the person who first popped into your head?

The proverb ‘The Devil is in the Detail’ means  details of a plan, while seeming insignificant, may contain hidden problems that threaten its overall feasibility. The expression derives from an earlier German proverb, which translates as ‘God is in the detail’. ‘The devil is in the detail’ only came into common use in the 1990s.

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