SMART Follow-Up is everything in business

This very subject is very close to my own heart. The reason being that during my entire career at the corporate level, I was always considered to be quite good with my follow ups. Precisely, the purpose ofwriting this article is to share my personal experiences and guide the younger generation how they can be more effective with this tool. Follow-up activity from someone else to you is called follow-up. The purpose of follow-up is to provoke a response from the project lead. This you can do in a simple way, such as by contacting the concerned person (through a phone call, email or in-person meeting) seeking an update so that one can ensure a timely response.

Doing this follow-up should be consistent because in the business world, follow-up is needed so that project can reach the target and on target. In addition, this way can also help us in building rapportwith people we work with. If we fail to do so, people  will lose sight on the tasks assigned to them, unless they are ethically high on moral grounds.

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