Simple is beautiful: A fresh perspective on work life

In times when the world is still hoping to live a pandemic free life sooner than later, it would be wiser to do everything possible to simplify our lives. Be it businesses or jobs. It is not only about the cost factor but the business processes as well. Traditionally, any business that grows, pick up complexities that takes away its focus from the core. Some love to attach frills to it, make the non-core functions look more attractive for no reason. To put it simply, this can be achieved by staying focused on the larger picture, specific goals and cutting down all unnecessary activities.  To clarify, this simplification has nothing to do with employee engagement and welfare. These are key issues in the given circumstances and must attract employers’ serious attention.

Even with the current pace of technological advancements, do you agree that in the existing rat race, we purposely invite complexities in life for no reason? Do we miss out the older days of our village life when we all used to lead a real simple life? Do we dream of having a simpler life back? While discussing all this, we need to understand that simplicity is a mindset. It’s an attitude. A culture of simplicity may not be as simple as it looks, but there are smarter ways to make it do-able. Here are some angles on simplicity that you may not have thought of yet.

Poorly managed meetings have been called the ‘black holes’ of the work day and can weaken your company’s productivity. According to a worldwide study conducted by Microsoft Corp., business people spend nearly six hours a week in meetings and nearly 70% of the participants reported that their meetings were unproductive.

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