Corporate Events & Conference Design by Evolve HR

Corporate Events & Conference Design by Evolve HR

What is a Corporate Event?

Simply put, a corporate event is any form of event, hospitality or social activity which is organised or funded by a business entity. With such a broad definition, the target audience for corporate events can be equally as broad, including but not limited to: Employees. Board members. Stakeholders.

At Evolve HR, our approach to Events focuses on two key elements: “The People” and “The Message”. To ensure that the message reaches the people and the people embrace the message, we craft themes, communication strategies and engagement plans that engage and excite the audiences and achieve internal communication strategy targets. Having a deep understanding of our clients’ goals and ambitions as well as full control over logistical and operational details, we are uniquely equipped to deliver world-class corporate events.

In line with various needs, we also design, conceptualize and facilitate conference and event solutions to be compelling and we facilitate these events with vigor and impact. When it comes to designing and executing events is all the more essential; crafting the right message is key however the way it is communicated makes the difference between comprehension and enchantment.

The Evolve HR team has a wealth of experience of successfully planning and executing high profile Product and Brand Launches, Internal Rollouts, and Conferences among other events.

We specialize in the types of Corporate Events?

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Team Building Events
  • Executive Retreats.
  • Business / Corporate Dinners

What is Conference Design and Facilitation:

Evolve HR believes that conferences provide an opportunity for people with like interests to come together to network and learn.

Conferences have the potential to go far beyond that. They can bring together hundreds and even thousands of people to create consensus about real change, set new directions for your organization or industry, and affect public policy on national and international levels. They can even engage people in remote locations through video-conferencing and web-based interaction.

When dealing with complex, important issues, it’s difficult for one person or even a group of people to understand the perspective of the whole or anticipate how decisions will impact the whole. To create a truly dynamic future vision – and plans to accomplish that vision – requires bringing together all the various points of view in a meaningful interaction.

Our powerful conferences create results in four key ways.

  • Engages with multiple organizations, offices, and people who may be located across the country and even around the world.
  • Brings the members of these disparate groups together through an inclusive process to agree on substantial and transformative goals, programs, and initiatives.
  • Helps the conference members break new ground and form new alliances and networks.
  • Empowers all parts of the system, helping everyone find ways to contribute.