NEVER Give Up – 5 Power Tips

John F. Kennedy’s following life lesson must be remembered by all of us whenever we feel low in life. He goes: “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going” must be remembered whenever we feel low in lifeThough the title in the words “Give” and “Up” are used together in terms of quitting something in life, but if you see the literal meaning of both these words, they are quite uplifting: Giving and moving up. So, moving forward, let’s exercise some caution in using certain vocabulary. When we zoom in to human race — life is difficult and when we face setbacks after setbacks, problems after problems, at home or at work when quitting is considered to be the last and only resort, it can get very hard to stay optimistic and keep this same perspective of resilience that is found at the macro level. It gets very difficult to remind ourselves that we are strong and that we can get through whatever problem we are facing. When life is tough, giving up always seems like the easiest option

The actual reality is, when we feel like giving up, there is a LOT of untapped inner strength inside of us that we probably haven’t even realised. That is why when we are in a “dark place” it can help to remind ourselves of our strengths and our potential so that we can overcome the negativity that creeps into our mind.

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