Mind Your Own Business!

At first, “mind your own business” might sound harsh, but, it is actually a gentle reminder to all of us to stay in our own lane, so to speak. ‘Minding your own business’, at its heart, is focusing on what you can control and letting go of what you can’t. It is taking responsibility for your own thoughts and actions, and letting other people take responsibility for theirs. We sometime try to control other people, their lives, control the world around us, and basically control everything and everyone but ourselves.

The most basic way to start minding your own business is to remember that: 

  • Your thoughts and actions are your business
  • Other people’s thoughts and actions  are their business (NOT yours)
  • External circumstances i.e. weather, natural disasters etc. are not your business)

Ironically, the only thing we CAN control is ourselves. And even then, it’s sometimes imperfect control.

KEY Examples of NOT Minding Your Business:

  • Judging, blaming and criticizing others for their actions and feelings
  • Reacting to circumstances and others instead of being conscious
  • Seeing others as separate from us (separation vs oneness is also a core tenet of conscious living)
  • Attempting to “fix” others problems without being asked
  • Refusing to accept others as they are

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