An Ideal Job Searching Technique

Published on June 19, 2020 by Aamir Iqbal 

Pareto Analysis is used for business decision making based on the 80/20 rule. It is a decision-making technique that statistically separates a limited number of input factors as having the greatest impact on an outcome, either desirable or undesirable. (ref: Investopedia)

Pareto analysis is based on the idea that 80% of success can be achieved by doing 20% of the smart input or conversely 80% of problems are traced to 20% of the causes. There are certain possible aspects depend to exert efforts and expected outcome. By having being said, if we apply this rule in the collective job search Technique we have to punch for 20% of smart efforts to get 80% of the success.

1-Smart efforts here is to fulfill following but could be in a Checklist covering

a-Get ready for the hunch (by targeting Job market, what is best for me, what I am looking for)

First thing first what are we planning for, what is our object out of what we should plan to land a job for, Prioritizing our objectives would enable us to move forward however, This factor is always missing when we as a Job seeker search for opportunities. Give it a short Jot down what is important to you first!!!

b– SWOT Analysis (what are my strengths and weakness to overcome)

What is my strength and which industry suits me best and how can I add value to that specific industry, think more and you will find yourself more than anyone else.

c– Understanding the Job descriptions

Once you read the JD of any job opening you find, keep yourself abreast about what major skills do you need to equip yourself and what is needed before you act

d– Resume buildup (Dos and Don’ts)

Long story in a cut, Keep it simple and precise there is no single thumb rule to design your CV, a recruiter takes only a few seconds to skim your document, but you should learn the art how to get your cv to be part of potential Pool, Contact me or my Team ( we can tell ).

e– Interview Preparation

Hmm, Try, Practice and practice whatever you wrote or learned over the years You should be verbalized too, Simple sentence makes a beautiful start ends up a brief discussion but How to Let’s Talk about it

Success here is getting shortlisted, receiving interview calls, and landing at a job of your choice and Life after getting a Job !!

So what could be done in 20% of smart efforts to get 80% of Desire Results, with regards to narrow down your job search process? Can you connect my words to

1-   Career Guidance

2-   Resume write-ups

3-   Importance of Cover Letters

4-   New Job searching Techniques

5-   Social Portal Profile buildups (Linkedin and Other career portals)

6-   Interview Coaching

7-   Networking

8-   Capacity Development

Aamir Iqbal is the Senior Talent Consultant at Evolve HR. Heis a certified Human Resource Professional with over 10 years of experience in Talent Acquisition and Executive Search. Additionally, Aamir has an experience of working on HR transformation and Learning & Development Strategies for various national and international organisations. His passion for coaching job seekers in the market led him to work across multiple sectors in South Asia and EMEA regions.


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