Meeting Madness – A Corporate Curse?

Are you one of those business executives who has to attend just too many meetings in a given workday physically or virtually? Be honest to yourself. Are these meetings worth attending? Can you still take care of rest of your deliverables even after attending these endless and exhaustive meetings? Is it something relating to your organisational culture where meeting is convened for anything or everything?  You love them? You love them not? You may not have all the answers right now.

It may sound ‘normal’ in your company but frankly it is of no use to bounce from one meeting to another with very little or no productive results. Team meetings, Weekly meetings, Sit-down meetings, Stand-up meetings. Monday morning meetings, Morning Briefings. Well, you definitely not love them. Right? It’s Monday. You are already pissed with the thought that it is Monday. Having the blues? The start of the week brings in a lot of pressure and what happens you spend first unproductive hour in a meeting that sucked your blood and sweat and probably drained you for rest of the day.

Too many meetings, lack of preparation, no follow-up and employees zoning out because they’ve lost interest are among the typical problems. Badly managed meetings include the temperament and behaviour of the meeting chair that can also have a negative effect on employee morale and teamwork. If people routinely arrive late for your meetings, stare at their smartphones and aren’t taking notes, your company has some improvements to make.

Poorly managed meetings have been called the ‘black holes’ of the work day and can weaken your company’s productivity. According to a worldwide study conducted by Microsoft Corp., business people spend nearly six hours a week in meetings and nearly 70% of the participants reported that their meetings were unproductive.

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