‘Letting Go’ & ‘Stepping Back’: True Friends For Life

In our daily lives, we meet up and interact with a variety of people. They could be our colleagues at work, friends or family members.  No two persons are born identical in terms of behaviour. They are noticeable for a number of reasons. Some are flexible to move on according to the circumstances while others are found stuck either in their past or they can’t escape from some of the bitter experiences that they had earlier in their lives. They just can’t erase those memories i.e. who pained them and what they couldn’t do about it?

What does this Mean?

We often hear that we need to let go of something we can’t control when it seems to be causing us problems. But, what letting go or stepping back really mean? To understand this, we need to understand why we get attached to people or things in the first place. Mental and emotional fixation on something we think we need or want. We get attached to people, views, outcomes, or material possessions. The reason we get attached to them is that we’re afraid we’ll lose them, and therefore, we’ll be unhappy, or we may even think we won’t survive. Many of us confuse sensual pleasure, or emotional gratification, with happiness. They are not the same. True happiness comes from freedom from suffering. Yet our society teaches us that if we achieve or acquire things that bring us pleasure, then we’ll be happy.

So, letting go means to release our fixation on these things. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll lose them. It just means we have enough faith that we’ll get the things we need to survive in this world, and maybe even be happy It’s a question many of us ask ourselves each time we experience heartache or emotional pain: how do you let go of past hurts and move on? Holding on to the past can be a conscious decision just like letting go and moving forward can be a conscious decision.

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