L&D in the New Normal: Roles & Expectations

Since most of us still assume that we are about to say #hellotonewnormal, let’s try to understand how some of the HR functions would look like in the “new normal” with particular emphasis to the Learning & Development (L&D) function?

“What is in it for me in the short run?” is one of the most frequently asked questions from a learner’s viewpoint. Along the same lines, their expectations are changing, and there is a need to provide answers through timely learning experiences.

We should understand the fact that we have four generations at work at any given point in time, so we need to take a blended learning approach—one size doesn’t fit all anymore. Older groups still prefer the facilitated classroom sessions, while younger groups prefer online learning. However, the one thing that transcends all groups is that they are strapped for time and resources—so learning delivered in more focused and shorter bursts is key.

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