Identify and Own Your Strengths

Ramadan is the month that should remind us of counting our blessings and of being grateful for everything that we have. In our individual capacity, we all are blessed with certain strengths. This includes those who are differently abled (or disabled). But God has given us some strengths. All we need is to identify our strengths, nurture them and direct them for our own good and those around us.  Finding our own path in life and walking it through is a real challenge that we all have to face as we come of age and begin to look at how we might make our mark on the world. If only it were so easy that everyone was guaranteed success in their pursuits instead of the starker reality that most of us contend with in our daily lives.

Identify Strengths

Sometimes, we may not be very sure exactly what our personal strengths are, so how are we going to go about owning them? Let’s understand this properly, make it a systemic process and take a look at the following pointers:

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