How to convert your ‘Big Idea’​ into a Strategy?

How many times during your career you got this compliment? ‘That’s a brilliant idea’. And what happened after that? Nothing. Because most great ideas either stay in your brain or on your computer folder as these are not a priority or you alone don’t want to take the ownership or you don’t have the amount of courage, time and resources to bring them into reality.

Most entrepreneurs are not good at one of these two:

  1. Entrepreneurs are creative by nature. That’s why they are into business. So, they can drum up ideas all day long – but they aren’t good at converting the ideas into life. That’s similar to a surgeon who tries to operate on themselves – it’s hard to do.
  2. At the same time, entrepreneurs who are great at coming up with big ideas and have the discipline to formulate a strategy often find themselves overwhelmed by the details. Stuck in analysis paralysis, they get worried about taking the first perfect step, and then usually fail to do anything.