High Self Esteem – #1 Agenda of life?

Published on April 13, 2020 by Muhammad Sajwani

During our Coaching & Mentoring Sessions with our clients, what transpires the most is the issue of self-confidence. The simplest example could be such as people juggling for words, of course, in front of their seniors but friends and peers as well, even in informal settings. e.g. I don’t like Pizza. Instead, I prefer fish and chips or I don’t smoke or drink. I’ll go for an orange juice or a soft drink. 

In response to one of my previous articles, my readers suggested me to now talk about self-esteem and to tell them how it is different than the self-confidenceMost people use the words self-confidence and self-esteem interchangeably and these are considered to be very ‘fashionable’ terms in our societies, particularly in business environment these days. Differences between the two exist, though, and it matters how these terms are used. These can be a lot more powerful than they first may seem. When people are confident and feel secure in themselves, truly believing that they are enough and never putting themselves down, they can go on to achieve abundance in life. We all have wants, needs and desires, yet many people do not realize that their own confidence is the key to unlocking their goals and aspirations in life.

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