Handholding or Preventing Manager’s Dependency?

You would agree with me that companies are still hiring even during the pandemic, their onboarding takes place and employees are assigned their job roles and all that happens remotely. Isn’t it strange? But fact of the matter is that this is a reality and we can’t avoid it.

In the current remote working environment, both experienced and new hires are expected to work independently, on their own with very little or limited supervision. Every manager knows there are some employees who work well, both independently and collaboratively. Then there are others who need handholding and extra help with seemingly every task and project. Those in the latter group might have appeared in interview session really well and still have potential, but they just don’t show enough initiative once they’re brought on board.

As a manager, it isn’t right or practical to fire anyone who disappoints you at first, even during uncertain times. You need to make sure your employees get what they need in order to live up to whatever you saw in them initially.