Fake it till you Make it: How Body Language helps in our Lives?

What kind of messages do we send across to the people we interact with on day to day basis — be it customers and employees when we cross our arms or slouch at important professional or social gatherings? We must know that the body language missteps may impact the way people perceive us and our business or organisation we work for. Needless to say, that nonverbal communication is critically important throughout our lives.

When we communicate with another person, our brain can process more than what’s actually being spoken. Our brains are making a comprehensive assessment of the person in front of us, and interpreting the unspoken communication of body language is part of that assessment. Studies have found that nonverbal communication may account for between 60% to 65% of all communication. It’s also been suggested that nonverbal expression has 65% to 93% more impact than the actual words spoken.

Let’s learn how you can we impress people we interact with, and display confidence, professionalism, and enthusiasm while interacting with them. Here are a few expert tips and tricks that will help you all along in your professional and personal lives.

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