Engaged employee are Loyal Employees?

Employee Engagement and Passion for Business are buzzwords in the corporate sector these days. Organisations strive hard to retain high employee engagement numbers as these are directly linked to the leaders’ annual appraisals.  It’s also understandable that consistently low employee engagement figures occur in trying economic times. It’s also clear that engagement hinges on the way leaders lead and the kind of culture they create and promote in their respective organisations.

Studies consistently find that employee engagement hinges entirely on the way leaders lead and the kind of culture they create, said Patrick Kulesa, global head of employee research for Willis Towers Watson in New York. “The numbers show that how leaders inspire people with their strategy and mission determines whether employees will be engaged,” Kulesa said.

The problem is that leaders rarely take responsibility for employee engagement. They see it as a people issue, so they assume HR will fix whatever is broken. This is one of many mistakes leaders make when it comes to engagement.

Here are some of the other mistakes leaders make that damage employee engagement and how they can do better.


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