Compassion – a new prerequisite for leadership

Compassion may sound a bit unusual for the workplace. After all, it is an emotion typically associated with response to others’ suffering. Yet compassion does indeed play an important role in the workplace, especially for leaders. 

Compassion means “co-suffering”. It is a positive emotion that allows people to demonstrate that they do care for their people and are willing to extend a helping hand. Practicing and exhibiting compassion has the ability to spread harmony in any environment, making it ideal for the workplace. In psychology, compassion is considered as more of action instead of emotion. Combining care, empathy, and love, being compassionate helps alleviate the suffering of others.

According to studies, organizations that operate with compassion have employees with greater job satisfaction and less stress. What’s more, workplace compassion also promotes employee engagement, dedication, and loyalty. Employees who work together with compassion are more likely to cooperate and help each other out.

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