Adaptability: A New Competitive Advantage

We must understand that companies don’t fail because of changes in the environment, they fail because their leaders are either unwilling or incapable of dealing with the wind of change. The leadership gets stuck in the glorious past and they are not ready to move on. To be more precise, companies don’t change, people do. Which means that need to stay competitive in today’s environment warrants not only the skill and will to adapt to change, but also the foresight to anticipate it.

However, there’s a misconception about adaptability is that to adapt, you must alter who you are at your core, which simply isn’t true. Adapting to change is what keeps us relevant, valuable and at the forefront of the competitive edge. It’s a leadership choice to remain current, but doing so doesn’t change who you are at your core. Just think of a chameleon. To survive in the lizard world, chameleons must change colors but doing so doesn’t change the fact that they’re still little green lizards.

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