A New ‘Normal’​ for Businesses Post COVID 19

Published on June 01, 2020 by Muhammad Sajwani

The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced every other company to move knowledge work from their ‘Businesses’ data Centres’ to their employees’ homes. We all are  wondering how long it will take for the virus to subside and for work – and the economy – to return to normal. ‘Business as usual’ is probably history now. This is the time to bring about meaningful change in people and organizations. 

A few vital questions that people and organisations around the world should be asking :

  1. What will they not continue to do and how to respond when a crisis becomes the new ‘Normal’?
  2. What might not and should not return to normal?
  3. What new ways of operating in these uncertain times might be more practical than the earlier normal times?

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