5 Ways to Turn HR Into a Profit Driver

The HR fraternity is somewhat sick and tired of hearing that the human resources department is yet another cost center. Why? Let’s ask some serious questions to ourselves here: 

  1. Do we add value to the bigger picture of the organisations we work for? 
  2. Do we proactively support our internal clients? 
  3. Do we often support the business strategies to help the “Tangible” profit centres succeed?

If the answer is a big ‘NO’, we should know why HR is treated like just another Cost Center. Isn’ it? 

Needless to say that people are the lifeblood of any business. Failing to take care of them will result in failing the company. Even ‘so-called’ enlightened leaders know treating their people well is critical times especially when the competition is about to steal their key resources but most leaders aren’t fair and justified in treating HR or other units just like their favourite – Sales Team. 

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