5 Reasons Why Soft Skills take lead in Remote Work Environment?

A famous saying by Dr. Rushika Fernandopulle reads: “We recruit for attitude and train for skill”, but on the contrary, in the real life situation, the corporate organisations, for some reason, consider qualifications and relevant job experiences as the ‘competence’. but to be honest, this very competence is overrated. It’s overrated because with the rise of “the tech stack” and disruption, business models keep changing (the buzzword is “pivot”) a lot. So, you end up hiring someone with as many as hard skills that you wanted, but two years down the road, those skills are completely outdated because the base model is pivoted.

In this article, we will make an attempt to discuss as in the given recent global events, particularly the pandemic, are soft skills more important than ever? And why Soft skills often take a backseat in the assessment centers and mass recruitment activities? What if your candidate has all the right hard skills but none of the inclusive, diversifying traits that would ensure they’re a perfect fit?

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