5 Reasons: Why should we Forgive & Forget?

5 Reasons: Why should we Forgive & Forget?

At some point in our lives, we have all struggled with the wrongs or perceived wrongs that others have done to us. And being unable to forgive someone is not without its costs. The emotional pain associated with such incidents can severely limit our ability to get on with our lives and plan for the future. 

Yet it can be difficult to truly forgive. Our initial response may even be to seek revenge and to retaliate like for like. But according to the psychological research, the better we are at controlling our thoughts and behaviour and not retaliating, the easier it is to forgive. Crucially, such control enables us to free ourselves of the pain and hurt that can imprison us in our past. Research has revealed that the act of forgiveness itself can lead us to forget the offence in question.

Forgive and forget is an oft-repeated piece of advice with faith & moral origins. Although it might seem trite, there’s a reason this little phrase still gets uttered so often. There’s true wisdom in forgiving and forgetting. When someone really hurts you, you may question whether you want to forgive someone; it may, in fact, seem utterly unnatural. But there are many reasons why it’s sometimes better to forgive and forget, even if part of you doesn’t want to. 

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