5 Communication Mistakes We All Make

I am sure we all watch TV news talk shows. One common thing that we all observe is the lack of patience people demonstrate during these shows either through raising their voice, interrupting others participants and anchors or at times losing their cool. We must be thinking why all this happens?

Now let’s relate this behaviour with the people whom we interact with in our daily lives at home and at workplace. We can find similar characters here too. This primarily happens while getting into difficult conversations. However, this issue still remains to attract our serious attention.

Remember, an effective communicator remains open and honest to address issues as soon as they arise rather than avoiding or prolonging important discussionsPerhaps you dread telling your children about your cancer diagnosis or don’t want to hurt your spouse by revealing an an important news relating to your job loss. Whatever the topic, avoiding difficult conversations only makes matters worse long term. Tension can build and you may end up bringing the issue up at the wrong time, which could create additional conflict. Withholding information can create distance between you and the other person. You also run the risk that the person will receive the information from a third party first. Related article: Conversation – The key that unlocks just everything.

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