5 Best Practices of Storytelling in L&D

You would agree with me that the stories have been around forever. We all have had our favourite bedtime stories which we used to hear over and over again and we might still remember a few.  The art of storytelling is centuries old. Ancient cultures used these to pass on traditions and wisdom to the subsequent generations. Their influence has not waned, and stories still awaken a world of imagination, adventure and fantasy. Stories have a way of sticking with us. Whether it’s the book on our bedside table, an anecdote shared over a coffee, or the latest drama on a favorite TV serial or a movie, there’s something about a well-told story that captivates. Entertainment is just a secondary perk, though.

Storytelling is no longer limited to the theater, movies, literature and television; today, the corporate organizations are rekindling this ancient art to provide immersive and engaging learning experiences for their employees and its working pretty well. When we employ the technique in training, we’re looking to capitalize both benefits: spreading knowledge to learners while holding their attention and engaging their interest.

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